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If not now, when?
If not us, who?
If not here, where?

Solo was created to become a fertile ground for the development of the national culture. Its pages and digital platform intend to report the Portuguese artistic talent in a visual, written and multisensorial format, creating space to those who every day challenge minds. It’s a place for the culture of photography, writing, the creation of images, debate and Art, imprinting part of the Portuguese people’s heritage that need to be spoken of, heard and elevated. It’s from the wish of telling stories that are part of History that Solo is born, aiming to highlight simultaneously the gift and the work, the novelty and the rebirth, the effervescence and the legacy. We need to preserve creativity, by sustaining it. We must nourish the sense of opportunity and merit. To make the cultural fields that so often are left behind come to fruition. Planting fashion in the social barometer position that is rightfully hers. Nurture Portugal as an inventive territory. To truly look at what surrounds us and its beauty. Looking for answers in what has always been our compass: the ‘us’, here and now.

SOLO © 2024

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